July Updates 2022

From the Headmistress

I trust that the holidays were restful. We return to the last four academic months of the year. The upcoming months promise to be exciting, with a full extra mural programme. This week we will be transporting over 350 children to various sporting venues whilst our stage will be filled with children involved in the Eisteddfod and later in the term we have the concert to look forward to.

Farewell Mr Grobler

On a bittersweet note, we wish Mr Grobler much success on his promotion to Principal of Ashton College. Farrarmere prides itself in having staff who are regularly sought after due to their high calibre, passion and curriculum expertise. Mr Grobler leaves us at the end of August. His position will be advertised in the Government Gazette and we hope that it will be filled sooner rather than later. School will close at 12:00 on the 26th August to hold his farewell.


We continue to hold our children accountable in keeping a clean world and to show responsibility and empathy towards others. We will be participating in a #Runforchange race on 4 September. More details to follow. Today, we had Prof. Fuller and 2 researchers come to the school to speak to the children on climate change and the effect it has on animals. We also had a very interactive science show recently which was thoroughly enjoyed by our pupils.

Certificates were handed to the children involved in the Homestead Cleanup and Prof. Fuller received our donation for further wildlife research with gratitude.

Mandela Day Community Cleanup

Homestead Dam’s park area is looking cleaner and greener thanks to two clean-ups that took place in honour of Mandela Day on Friday 22 July and Saturday 23 July.

The local Litter Bugs group, led by Farrarmere Primary parent Samantha Choles, hosted a double clean-up this year. “Some people prefer Fridays, others prefer Saturdays, so we thought we would double-up this year,” says Samantha.

The clean-up was supported by Litter Bug members, 1st Benoni sea scouts, 9th Benoni scouts, Rotary Club of Benoni Aurora, Farrarmere Primary School, Ashton International College, St Dunstans, Benoni Lakes Lions Club as well as local businesses Tau Energy and Union Swiss. Adults and children alike got stuck into clearing litter from the banks and gullies, as well as parking area and pathways.

“We also invited people to bring along their bottle tops and bread tags to support Tops and Tags for Wheelchairs, as well as clean polystyrene which is used by a brick-making company in Edenvale. We encourage schools to start collection programmes that provide a means for recyclables used at school and brought from home can be amassed for recycling.

Most of the litter at the dam includes cigarette butts, beer bottle lids, take-away packaging, and food and beverage packaging, as well as clothing and fishing litter. “The area definitely needs more bins,” says Samantha, citing that research done in Canada recommends that bins and recycling receptacles should be placed within 30 steps of busy areas.