Information technology updates

Demystifying technological trends in schools.

Farrarmere is undergoing major changes to their infrastructure, data, voice systems, ICT Syllabus and security. Our ICT is evolving to meet the 4IR head-on (Fourth Industrial Revolution) We are preparing our family of learners for future jobs which do not currently exist. In order to understand the reason this is so important it is necessary to have an understanding of previous revolutions and their impact on the world as we know it today.

Summary of Revolutions

  1. Mechanization
    • Machines replace manual labour.
  2. Mass Production
    • Mass Manufacturing, machines and processes.
  3. Digital Revolution and Globalization
    • Analogue to digital technology. Internet.
  4. Automation, Analytics and IoT
    • Cyber-physical devices, analytics, Internet of Things.

The possibilities of billions of people connected by mobile devices, with unprecedented processing power, storage capacity, and access to knowledge, is unlimited. Therefore it is so important for our learners at FPS to understand digital citizenship, digital responsibility and to learn to think in a critical and impactful way.

No one can be certain what professions and systems will be adopted in the future. Teaching our learners how to think and respond in logical and precise methods is vital regardless of what field they determine is best for their future endeavours.

Problem solving…

Buzzwords are plentiful and many organizations will attempt to fill their environments with tech to meet the “trends” At FPS we believe in only using tech where it benefits the learners! For this reason, the addition of robotics is not to “look fancy” but to persuade learners to work through complex logic problems and improve their crucial puzzle-solving skills.

We give them the ideal environment to learn how to manage making mistakes. Robotics is a good facilitator of STEM/STEAM/STREAM Learning.


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Marrying old with new

In the solutions presented we continue to show children that regardless of your environment you are able to solve various problems using logical methods. Reverse engineering and puzzle solving go hand-in-hand. The teacher is learning along with the children and facilitating their personal growth. At FPS we believe children are at the epicenter of the future of mankind, now more than ever.

We are in dire need of analytical people for some very real and urgent problems facing the planets future. Using strategy and engineering to allow learners to grow in the most practical and beneficial ways is of the utmost importance to Farrarmere Primary. We need community support to make this happen. Support our school as we make transitions into the 4IR.