Please do not support the hawkers who are selling items around the school as they become a nuisance and if supported, more vendors arrive to sell their items. This becomes a security risk to our parents and learners.

Pedestrian Crossings

Parents, please be a good example to your children and use the pedestrian crossing to cross our busy roads around the school. Please also park your car to drop off children and do not stop in the middle of the road to offload children and suitcases.

Sport Colour Awards


Sebastian Whiffler Merit scroll
Jason Van Breda Half Colours
Megan Augustyn Half Colours
Holly Royce Half Colours
Connor Hubbert Half Colours
Amy Botha Full Colours
Anthony Van Der Linden Full Colours
Abbigail Kulynych Full Colours
Amy Jackson Full Colours
Alexa Basso Full Colours

Sport Colour Awards


Madison Sanday 6 Merit Scroll
Mary-Jane Nel 6 Merit Scroll
Michelle Dube 7 Merit Scroll

Sport Colour Awards


Laken Coutinho 7 Merit Scroll
Matthew Bromley 7 Merit Scroll
Andreas Toumbis 7 Merit Scroll