Each child in the school has been issued a school email address ending in @fpschool.co.za. By using this account your child (with your help) can login to Google Classroom from home and continue to follow teacher lead classes. This may include worksheets, homework and additional resource videos, sound clips etc

Not all classes are available yet, as soon as they become available the class codes will be published here.

2023 Class Codes 


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Class Subject Class Code
Grade 4A (update 01/04/2023) All Subjects rrozile
Grade 4B (update 01/04/2023) All Subjects wq37523
Grade 4C (update 01/04/2023) All Subjects ekvghg7
Grade 4D (update 01/04/2023) All Subjects mtoa3bb
Grade 5 (01/04/2023) Mathematics fidxxj4
(Added 01/04/2023) English h6rwo53
(added 01/04/2023) Afrikaans bagycgu
(Added 01/04/2023) NS/Tech y2q3zjq
(Added 01/04/2023) Geography vayr7v6
(Added 01/04/2023) History 3tz32vu
(Added 01/04/2023) Life Skills vd25uwp
(Added 01/04/2023) ICT o5gksfj
(Added 01/04/2023) Music gn4vkfv
Grade 6(Added 01/04/2023) Mathematics otekvnn
(Added 01/04/2023) English ppj75ki
(Added 01/04/2023) Afrikaans 7m2mvym
(Added 01/04/2023) NS/Tech cu7l3n4
(Added 01/04/2023) Geography gt64xxe
(Added 01/04/2023) History wrmh3re
(Added 01/04/2023) Life Skills uqv2hfj
(Added 01/04/2023) Visual Arts e7zzgas
(Added 01/04/2023) Music bklzgts
(Added 01/04/2023) ICT j2dbw7f
Grade 7 (Added 01/04/2023) Mathematics dv3a6fz
(Added 01/04/2023) English glv7fne
(Added 01/04/2023) Afrikaans jj7j3kg
(Added 01/04/2023) EMS c64jeo2
(Added 01/04/2023) Technology kntui7v
(Added 01/04/2023) Natural Science 4bi3elr
(Added 01/04/2023) Visual Arts rc4qfeb
(Added 01/04/2023) Drama a3rjeub
(Added 01/04/2023) History geex72i
(Added 01/04/2023) Geography xy63ju2
(Added 01/04/2023) Life Orientation brnmvmv
(Added 01/04/2023) ICT qapv4dz

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