Fundraising – At no extra cost to parents!

These funds are used for projects that are directed at upgrading and improving school facilities, equipment, and resources.

Help raise funds for our school without costing you a cent with the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Fundraising programme. MySchool contributes over R4 million to their beneficiaries every month! The best part: It doesn’t cost you as a supporter a cent to make a difference.

How does the Programme work?

Funds are raised for our school on a monthly basis. Simply swipe your MySchool Supporter Card when you shop at one of the many MySchool partners. These include WoolworthsEngen QuickShops, Bidvest Walton’s, Altech Netstar, BuildersLoot and prepaid electricity to name just a few. They will donate a percentage of your spend to your school on your behalf. There is no cost to you! The supporter card is not a credit or debit card.

What are the benefits of being a part of the MySchool programme?

  • Raise funds for your school without costing you a cent
  • Receive monthly feedback on how much funds have been raised via the MySchool e-Statement.
  • Card holders automatically qualify to be a part of the Woolworths WRewards programme (i.e. up to 20% off instantly on over 1000 items in store). Every time you swipe your MySchool card you qualify for a range of added benefits which includes: special lower prices on selected products, invitations to preview sales, and special promotions and giveaways (Visit for more info)

Apply for a card!

How do I get started?

You can apply online at AND DOWNLOAD THE APP or via phone at 0860 100 445. Remember that our school name is the beneficiary. Already have a card? Change or add a beneficiary/school – you don’t need a new card. Simply contact MySchool at or 0860 100 445

Frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to support more than one beneficiary?
Yes. You can support up to 3 beneficiaries. Funds will be split equally between the beneficiaries.

I already have a card. Do I need a new one?
No. Simply change your beneficiary. You can do this online at, by completing an application form (request “update beneficiary”) or call MySchool on 0860 100 445 (Mon – Fri between 08:00 and 17:00).

How do I link my MySchool supporter and Woolworths card so that I only need to swipe one card at Woolworths stores?
Woolworths cards aren’t automatically linked to MySchool. Link your Woolworths card to support a MySchool beneficiary by contacting the Client Service Centre on 0860 100 445. Remember you can only use your Woolworths card at Woolworths stores, but your MySchool card can be used at various partners.