Farrarmere Primary School

40 Years

Journal for years 1976 to 1988 (can be found in the school safe)

5 January 1976 – School opened.

18 Members of staff on Payroll and 2 secretaries.

Pupil Enrolment: 559

Official opening of the school. Farrarmere Primary was to open to serve the Afrikaans community, however, the parents of Laerskool Brentwood objected, so an English school was built in Farrarmere.

  • Pupils were transported on the Zestfontein bus.
  • Arbor Primary and Farrarmere Primary had a joint PTA.
  • Farrarmere Primary shared a typist with Arbor Primary.
  • Tennis was played at Benoni Country Club.
  • Mrs Reitz assumes duty.
  • Enrolment dropped to 530.
  • Mrs Rossouw became the first HOD.
  • The Department supplied 500 hall chairs and stage curtains to the schoolPupils visited Pretoria Zoo.
  • Burglary in Grade 1 classes.
  • Arbor parents transfer R2000 to Farrarmere.
  • Grounds are levelled.
  • Northern Sotho is introduced in Grade 5.
  • Badminton courts are laid in the hall.
  • No pupils from Atlasville permitted to enrol.
  • 52 Portuguese children battle to assimilate into the community but the UK children do.


18 Staff Members

Pupil Enrolment: 596

  • 415 parents attend Parents Day (77% attendance)
  • Badge designed to represent the 5 dams in Benoni and a castle
  • Grade 1s visit traffic centre
  • Vandals break in.
  • School officially opened 18 OCTOBER 1977
  • Concert: Princess Ju Ju.


23 staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 661

  • A decision made only to have monitors.
  • A monitor’s credo formed
  • .Very successful Fundraiser – raised R6 500
  • Intercom system installed
  • Std 1 visit to the Bunny Park.
  • 3 new classrooms built in Senior Phase.
  • Mr Ebertson becomes Principal.
  • Tennis courts built.


28 staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 753

  • Historical connection between Farrarmere and the town of Bedford in England discussed.
  • INVICTUS becomes the school motto after William Ernest Henley’s poem, ‘Invictus’. “I will not be conquered by circumstances but will be victorious ~ Invictus.”
  • 70 children compete at Interschool athletics.
  • Pupils attend veldschool.
  • Mrs Ann Botha becomes HOD
  • Department develops party area in front of Admin Block.


29 staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 751

  • Dental Inspection
  • The Mayor presents 5th Anniversary plaque to the Principal.
  • Choir accompanies the Welsh Male Choir.Concert: Hansel and Gretel
  • Snow at Farrarmere Primary


29 staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 728

  • Cleaner assaulted by 2 Army civilians on school grounds.
  • Headmaster Award for Academic Achievement instituted – Pupils must achieve an average of 80% in all subjects and 90% in Standard 2 to 4.


29 staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 708

  • Funny moment: ‘Teacher resigns as her child has reacted badly to crèche’
  • Parents not allowed on school premises.
  • All pupils taken to the gate by Senior Staff.
  • School fête raises R10 000
  • Principal’s briefcase moved to Deputy’s office by intruder. Matter reported to the police.
  • Choir records at SABC.
  • BMX rally held – great fundraiser.
  • Mrs Docherty assumes post 26.
  • Grade 4s visit the Gold Mining Museum.
  • Groundsman, Elliot breaks foot – stays off work for 2 months – causes problem for the Principal. ‘The cleaner is seldom sober and Jerry runs a shebeen on premises.’
  • Std 5s gift to the school is a coffee table, trophy cabinet and freezer.
  • School motto ‘INVICTUS’ adopted.
  • Senior Prize giving held at 11h00.
  • Junior Prize giving held at 12h00


28 staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 694

  • Republic days always celebrated.
  • Immigrant Afrikaans class opened.
  • School broken into.
  • Two garages, tuckshop and kitchen built.
  • Contract price R21 043
  • 96% pupils attend veld school.
  • Mr van Papendorp becomes Deputy Principal at Birch Acres.A school badge mounted above the stage and one outside the hall.
  • Threatened violence. Parents patrol the school
  • Std 5s gift – Television and video cassettes.


27 staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 685

  • Mrs Hill assumes Duty as Provincial Administrative clerk.
  • Bingo Evening held.
  • Principal has to restore order in Cleaners Quarters after drunken brawl at shebeen- ‘Jerry’s beer parties’.
  • School broken into. List of articles stolen including disprins, cremora and hand cream. Suspect caught.
  • A gala concert was held to celebrate school’s 10th year.
  • Sit down supper with 200 guests, including mayor.
  • White laboratory coat stolen by IntruderBurglar alarm installed.


28 staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 638

  • Inter Primary held at Arbor. Participating schools: Arbor, Farrarmere, Tom Newby and Benoni West.
  • Paving done around school building.


26 staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 595

  • School fees increased to R60 a year.
  • Swastika painted around the school by vandals. Police investigate.
  • Mayor presents medals to winning soccer team.
  • R5000 raised at fun day.
  • The first newsletter printed at Farrarmere Primary


23 staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 553

  • Fence cut at cricket nets.
  • Covered carports for staff.
  • Paganini, the violinist/composer – statue donated to school by Benoni Town Council and erected on school grounds.
  • Pupils visit Transport museum and Snake Park
  • School hall used as Poling booths.
  • Pupils write Item Bank Test in maths.
  • Paganini statue given to Farrarmere by the Mayor of Benoni to represent our cultural heritage.


22 Staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 485 (lowest ever)

  • School song written:

We’re proud of that castle in Bedford

Your ancestors came from there

As citizenship of this country its

willing future to share

To learn everyday is a pleasure,

the castle and symbol and crest

Whatever we do every moment

we must always try doing our best

We build a future to last for life

Prepare for happiness, peace or strife.

But God as Guide we have none to fear ,

The pupils of Primary Farrarmere.

  • The school dentist and nurse visit yearly.
  • The school choir was vaccinated against Rubella.
  • Mr Ebertson retired.
  • The Hall was named after him at this function.
  • Pupils were dismissed every term at 12:00.
  • Senior Phase Prize Giving took place at 9:30 and Junior Phase Prize Giving took place at 11:30.
  • Mr Ebertson served the TED for 36 years.


Mr Allison became Principal.

20 Staff members and 4 Admin members on Payroll.

Pupil Enrolment: 462

  • All Benoni English Medium Schools ran at Farrarmere Primary School.
  • Pupils were dismissed at 12:00 by Mr Allison.


119 Staff members.

Principal: Mr AllisonPupil

Enrolment: 495

  • Moved to A section Athletics in 1991.
  • The school produced a concert: Joseph and his Coat.


23 Staff members.

Pupil Enrolment: 565.

  • 18 Black pupils enrolled for the first time.
  • Grade 6 pupils toured Natal.
  • The ‘Model C’ Model was introduced.
  • This meant that Farrarmere was a state aided school.
  • The school had a burglary and they stole computers and typewriters and a video camera.
  • The Grade 7 pupils had a Barn Dance as a Farewell. They presented a gift to the school of a Sprinkler System and Honours Boards.


25 Staff members

2 Governing Body

Enrolment: 643

  • Built a Principal’s office and Finance hatch.
  • Mr Kruger was appointed as Deputy Principal.
  • The Grandstands and balustrades were painted.
  • Grade 7 pupils went to Veld school.
  • The school was upgraded to P1.A
  • Pantomime and Carols were held.


27 Staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 682

  • Mrs Docherty received an Achievement award.
  • Mr van de Walt becomes Deputy Principal.
  • Talent Show
  • Parents brought in for a Sexuality Programme.


28 Staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 748 (the highest ever)

  • Woburn, the new Sports house was introduced.
  • Farrarmere wins for the 6th year.
  • Big Walk.
  • Bomb hoax call
  • Concert: The Jungle BookGrade 1 Orientation Day First Interhouse QuizMrs Botha retires.


28 Staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 780

  • Mr Dooley passes away.
  • Benoni Central Pool – Gala held.
  • St Dunstan’s College joins the Athletics Inter Primary. Farrarmere Primary came third.
  • Admin, Principal and Deputy Principal offices refurbished.
  • School Fees accepted: R1 350 per year.
  • Pantomime
  • School vandalised.


28 Staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 750

  • Mr van der Walt becomes Principal at Dinwiddie Primary.
  • Mr Kruger (acting Deputy)
  • Break in – cell phone and computer stolen.
  • Power Failure- started concert 50 minutes late.
  • Grade 5s to Loskop Dam.
  • Prize Giving was moved to the evening.


28 Staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 740

  • Pupil dies: Philip Prior
  • Gala moves to the A section.
  • Family Funday and Big walk.
  • Phys Ed show and Dance production.
  • Pub night, Golf Day and Games bash.
  • Concert: The Pied Piper.Principal from New Zealand visits.Gr 7s tour to Drakensville.
  • First Entrepreneurs Day.
  • Grade 7 Farewell: Barn Dance
  • Fees set at R2000 per annum


28 Staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 740

  • Mr Allison has a motorcycle accident.
  • Farrarmere wins the Athletics and Swimming.
  • Carnival Day and Bingo evening.
  • Mr Kruger becomes Deputy Principal.
  • Grade 2 Braai.
  • Mr Allison leaves to recover fully.
  • First Academic Procession of staff at the Prize Giving.
  • Carols by Candlelight


28 Staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 719

  • Prefects camp at Nyathi
  • Boksburg North indoor pool – new venue for Galas.
  • Farrarmere goes to B League for Athletics.
  • The Server is moved to the Strong room and saved from another burglary.
  • Grade 7s go to Fikley Game RanchClassical evening – a first.7
  • 6 parents attend the AGM.
  • Mrs Reitz becomes HOD.
  • Cheese and wine for Mr Allison’s Retirement.
  • Grade 3 pupils- ‘Lost children of the world day’.
  • Grade 5s go on tour to Magaliesburg
  • Parent resigns as child not made prefect.
  • Encephalitis outbreak.
  • School fees: R3000 per annum.
  • Grade 7 Farewell: Medieval Banquet.


25 Staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 739

  • New Grandstands put up.
  • Mr Kruger becomes Principal.
  • St Patricks Day celebration.
  • New Computerised system in Media centre.
  • Aid Class closed by the Department.
  • First time ever U13 boys win Drapers and School League.
  • Grade 7s go on tour to the Wigwam.
  • .Art Exhibition in the hall.
  • 25th Anniversary celebrated at Birchwood Conference Centre with 198 Guests.
  • Mrs Hagger and Mr Lacey leave for Private Education.


29 Staff members (19 State posts)

Pupil Enrolment: 720

  • The school continues to yo-yo in swimming from A to B league.
  • Private Schools join the Athletics and Inter-Primary – it moves to Boksbug stadium for the first time.
  • The first High School information evening is held in the hall.
  • Mrs Stansfeld becomes Deputy Principal.
  • Benoni Nursery school uses Farrarmere’s grounds for a fête.
  • Music teacher is employed Full Time for the first time.
  • Table cloths stolen.


29 Staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 741

  • Bedford unbeaten for five years in athletics.
  • First Cheese and wine for Grade 1 parents.
  • Gauteng on-line Computer Centre opened.
  • New Media Centre Built.
  • Mrs Richter leaves.
  • Grade 7 luncheon in the hall.


28 Staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 720

  • Vanessa Hattingh – Victrix Ludorum20 High Schools attend High school information evening.
  • The first staff strike.
  • 2 pupils die.
  • Around the World theme for Grade 7s
  • School dismissed at 10:30.
  • A number of Long Term Service teachers were thanked on their resignation.


29 staff

Enrolment: 720

  • New Computer Centre handed over by Vassan Pillay from the District.
  • First friendly athletics meeting.
  • CAPEX money used for Palisade fencing, paving, painting roofs, surfacing tennis and netball courts.
  • Freedom Day celebrated in National colours.
  • First teams had soccer and netball matches against staff.
  • School concert: Cinderella
  • Literacy week held for the first time.
  • More awards than ever introduced at Prize Giving.
  • Grade 7 Farewell: The Oscars
  • Mrs Rossouw retires after 30 years at the school.


28 staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 717 pupils

  • No points given at Inter-Primary.
  • Mickey Mouse holds Inter house at Farrarmere Primary.
  • First Inter House cross country organised by Mrs Edwards.
  • Choir audition for Rentmeester Competition.
  • First Grade 1 Granny and Grandpa day.
  • Grade 6 and 7s write exams in the hall.
  • Winter Sports day held. Raven Fernandez and Arione Nel attend. (South African sportsmen)
  • Concert: Jack and the Beanstalk (400 seats x 3 nights)
  • Reading/Book Day heldGrade 7 Farewell: Viennese ball.
  • Mr Kruger leaves to become headmaster at Shangri-la.


28 staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 727

  • First Funday. 700 pupils attend.
  • Mini Olympics held with Active Education.
  • Outreach Assembly where children honoured for caring deeds.
  • First Inter House speech evening.94.7 Radio Highveld ground patrol visit the school.
  • English High tea for Mothers Day
  • Inter Primary Quiz held.
  • New Format for colours assembly
  • National strike for 12% increase.
  • First Open Day held.
  • Mrs Stansfeld appointed Principal
  • Previous Headmasters invited to lunch at the school.


30 staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 680

Mr Werner Grobler – Deputy

  • Grade 1s visit Pioneer farm
  • Plans for Nursery school drawn up.
  • Admin Block renovated.
  • Bathrooms revamped
  • New sports uniform introduced.
  • We move away from gold as the dominant colour to Royal Blue.
  • Grade 2s go to the State Theatre.
  • Nursery school Foundations laid.


32 staff members

Pupil Enrolment: 691

Inter house athletics held in the 4th term for the first time.

Afrikaans schools join Inter Primary for the first time.

First Valentines Ball.

Opened The Castle Nursery school in April.

The Nursery school joined our Cross country race.

Medieval Ball held to open The Castle.

Mrs Reitz and Mrs Docherty receive excellence in teaching awards.

A new School tracksuit is introduced.

Facia Boards are replaced around the school.

A 23 seater bus is purchased.

E Beams installed for the first time.

The School wins ‘Best in Benoni’ competition.

Teachers honoured for Excellence in Teaching by the Department.


Staff members: 33

Pupil Enrolment: 703

  • Inter house athletics held on Saturday for the first time.
  • Concert: The World cup.
  • School closed for a month due to the World Cup soccer event held in South Africa.
  • Carols by Candlelight.
  • Santa Clause handed out presents.


Staff members: 35

  • Parents signed for reports
  • CAPS introduced
  • Feeder High schools no longer exist according to Mr Tau.
  • We started participating in Eisteddfods to a larger extent.
  • School burgled four times for projectors.
  • Mrs Docherty retires.
  • Rivonia court case over Admissions took place.
  • The result meant that the Department has the right to decide on Admissions.


Staff members: 43

Pupil Enrolment: 715

  • A full Sports Academy was introduced which created an increased staff component.
  • Soccer teams became successful.
  • Admissions open from April for the first time.
  • Whole school evaluation from Head Office shows school as 5 star rating in infrastructure, governance and leadership.
  • Advertised HOD position. Mrs Hagger and Mrs Welman appointed
  • The Princess of Monaco gives us the right to name the School Pool after her.
  • The pool is dug and will be completed in 2013.
  • School fees R11 100 per annum.


Staff members: 44

Pupil Enrolment: 714

Farrarmere named Runner up to Sports School of the year in Ekurhuleni.

Mr Hennie Grobler becomes Deputy.

The pool is filled and takes 75 000 gallons of water.

111 Pupils receive Eisteddfod awards.

Max Di Domenico, Chairman of the Governing Body, leaves the school after 11 years of service.

The Car park was moved to the front of the school.

The school is painted blue.

Staffroom extended.Hall floor redone.

Built a garage for the new school bus.

Mercedes 26 seater.

Started a Cricket Academy.

Junior Playground revamped.

Fencing put up around the netball and tennis courts.

Excellence is not an exception it is a prevailing attitude.

Our blood is blue.


Staff members: 46

Pupil Enrolment: 762

The school enters 3 swimming teams in the league.

The first Gala held at Farrarmere Primary.

New Playground opened

New school song written in keeping with the changes of the History of our country.

Mr Schaper is elected as Governing Body Chairman.

Farrarmere Primary donated books and equipment to Chief Luthule Primary School.

Farrarmere Primary wins the Danone Soccer Cup- named Best Team in the District.

The U11s won the Regional Championships.

Sundowners visit to scout some of our players.

We won the Track Trophy in Athletics.

Climbing wall and new playground established.

4 cricket teams make the finals.

New long jump pit with Tartan track was laid.Lotto resurfaces 2 tennis courts.

Grade 6s go to Konka and Grade 5s go to Luguthula

School receives a Growth post.

Biggest amount Fund Raised at our Golf Day of R200 000.

Held prize giving at the end of the 4th term.

It was decided not to do this again. 

Biggest intake of Grade 1s ever: 152


Staff members: 48

Pupil Enrolment: 794

  • Our theme for the year was Create – Influence- Change.
  • The school hosted Inter Primary back at Farrarmere where it all began.
  • A new Governing Body was selected.
  • Our First soccer team goes to Spain, 5000 children, 200 clubs and 37 nations.
  • Mrs Mocke dies.
  • HOD who served the school for 20 years.
  • Held a Tender meeting for building of Creative Arts, Aquatics and Technology Centre at the pool.
  • Our children win the Maths and Science Olympiads.
  • Our school is named The Fittest in Gauteng.
  • Concert: fractured Fairytales in Benoni.
  • Mountain Bike Challenge raised R180 000
  • Lotto gives Musical Instruments to the school.
  • The school is named, ‘Best in Ekurhuleni’.


Staff members: 48

Pupil Enrolment: 816 (highest ever)

  • New shade ports were put up.
  • Hall floor and Bathrooms revamped.
  • On line registrations open
  • Mrs Hill resigns after 32 years with Farrarmere Primary.
  • U12s visit Spain to play soccer.
  • New Signage up in front of school.
  • New stock company checks assets.
  • Creative Art and Tech centre completed.
  • School celebrates 40 years with:

Lumo Dance and sundowner

Family day in AprilWackey

Freeze day in May

Golf day and Rock show in June

Movie night in August

Drakensburg Boys choir in September

Mountain Bike race and Trail run in October

Culminating in a Family Day of 40th Celebrations.

  • Voted the best school in Ekurhuleni.
  • Named the best school of the year in sport by the District.


Staff members: 50

Pupil Enrolment: 860

Admin staff: 5

Ground staff: 10

Interns: 4

  • Invictus Hub opened overlooking the school pool.
  • Grade 1 Online Admissions begin for the first time.
  • The whole school was painted.
  • Replaced boiler pipes
  • Passages and roofs replaced with chromedec.
  • Voted the best school in Ekurhuleni for the second year running.


Staff members: 51

Pupil Enrolment:885

Tiled the wall in the front of the school.

Submitted plans for the new Junior block of school.


Staff members: 51

Pupil Enrolment: 903

  • The admin office got a new facelift.
  • Junior Centre of Innovation opened.